Sunday, 19 November 2017

Round 5 Angling Trust Winter league- Marlborough

3lb 9oz
Won section
Team won on the day.
48 fished.

Back to Marlborough on the K&A for the fifth round on the Upper Thames winter league. 

Its a little difficult to get really motivated for this match, as unfortunately the team has had a couple of blow outs in the previous rounds of the winter league.  So now for me, I'm getting the lobs out for a change and fish the winter leagues as opens.  Therefore hoped for one of these famous end pegs, which I got.  However, it was the same peg as I had last week, but it was an end.  So happy days?!

So end peg, potential framing peg?  With 14 end pegs out of 48 pegs, I wouldn't say this is one of the better ones..... but still have a chance of double figures.  So I collect 50 lob worms last night, and have 1/2 kg of dens, which is going in.  Don't see the point of sitting on the lob worms, so would rotate between worms and a squatt line at 9 meters.  One line too, don't like spitting the fish up, "safety in numbers" and pick the fish off in a one meter square in this clear water.  Also I caught a lot of my roach 6 inches off the bottom.

Gear Used

Colmic Airon F66 pole

Senna and Lux floats
0.10 to 0.06

Chop float.  Jon Walker.
0.145 to 0.125

Tried to win the match, but failed.  I had 20 fish on lob worm, but tiny perch, for 2lb.

Nice to draw an end peg, especially in a tough section.

Teams on the day
Colmic Devizes
Gordon League

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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Alvechurch Fisheries- Round 3 of winter league

Peg 35
No good
Won section by double default.

I fished tight to the far bank as I felt this was my only chance of catching.   The peg is very shallow, 2 foot, you can walk across, as I did..... sorting the snags out (don't ask Phil Evans).  Anyway so fished long, and reckon I hooked cruising fish coming through the peg and not feeding.  I fished 0.145 Stream and felt maybe that was too heavy and therefore went down to 0.10 stream and 20 WN501 (RISKY), but still hooked two and lost both.  So stayed on 0.14.  Felt maybe last hour I would empty it, but only had 1 and lost 4, one in snag. 
I had two in the mouth, one in the chin, two in the face, one in tail and one in anal fin.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Marlborough- K&A

Peg F3 - churches
3lb 11oz
2nd in section
55 anglers fished the match

Hoping like everyone to draw an end peg and catch on the chop.  I fancied Competition pound, closet peg to the lock, but unfortunately drew a couple of miles away..... Churches

My match

The canal was surprisingly clear and with lack of fish topping (none) I was worried to could be tough.  My attack was squatts and worms, was doubtful to catch on worms and unfortunately I only managed 10oz perch, hoped to for bigger and a couple of "whasps" in this period I had fallen behind Paz on little fish, so had to catch on Choppie and I fancied Kev on peg 1 for some perch (if they feed).....

Only managed 10oz perch and around 100 tiny fish for 3lb 11oz.  Paz won section with 4lb 6oz.  Well done team mate. ( I highlighted your result Paul)

Gear used
Colmic Airon F66
Senna floatso
0.10 to 0.064


1st Mark Gaylard (Sensas Lobby's) 10-11.
2nd Ian Dunlop (Garbolino Blackmore) 10-2.
3rd James Carty (PI Thatchers)
4th: Martin Howard (Daiwa Gordon League)- 7-7
5th: Simon Hebditch (Garbolino Blackmore Vale)- 7-3
6th: Kev Rowles (Colmic Devizes)- 6-15
Nice looking peg.

Well done Paul Passmore (aka Paz).
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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Alders Farm Fishery

Peg 19
61lb 7oz
No good
11 fished

Pines Lake is my favourite lake at Alders Farm Fishery.   I drew peg 19 and fantastic first part of the match, 6 carp in 6 quick casts on the pellet feeder at 20 meters.  I got quite excited, but this came to a grinding holt.  So tripped off about 5 meters of line, thinking they are simply backed of????  No bites... onto the pole. 

Shipping out my trustee F66 pole in the cross wind was no problem. but unfortunately my float wouldn't go under.  Was a little shocked to be honest.  I had only 1 proper carp and 5 tiny ones, lovely sign to fish the fish breeding naturally in lakes.

The next 4.5 hours was really grim and I really struggled to put anything in the net.  Could only muster one fish off one line....... and that was me having two feeder lines, even tried chucking feeder onto a third line (end peg gave me the room), out of the way, which resulted in nothing.

It was a shame was 70lb was last in the frame, which was only another three fish and I didn't loose any fish on the feeder neither.  Not sure what I should of done differently. ...

Good stamp carp on the feeder

such a healthy fishery, caught 5 of these little beauties
I love Colmic Method Line.  Sinks easily and is very durable

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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Upper Thames Winter league. ROUND 4. DEVIZES

Peg H4
3rd in section.
Team was third on the day.

I was hoping for to draw Foxhangers  (A Section) or the top the Pile (B Section), but unfortunately I drew H section and on arrival to my peg I had no feature.  This was hard for me to get truely motivated as the Team has no chance of qualifying for the final at Decoy / Drains, and therefore this was an open match for us, and where I had draw it was going to be alomost impossible to frame or even win the section from this peg.... not making excuses, but I feel the best canal angler in the country wasn't going to catch 8lb from this peg.   So no wheel spinning in car park or throwing my toys out the pram, I was going to try and catch what I can and accept that it was always going to be a tough match for me. 

I am always positive when I fish, don't believe that you win sections and matches by been negative normally.  But been realistic I honestly felt if i'd fished for big fish all match it could be the most unproductive 5 hours fishing of my life.  so therefore decided to fish early and late for a bonus fish, as this is normally when they feed.  I started on bread, and hoped id catch a BIG skimmer, I felt this was my best chance, so put in a full pot of bread (400 ml) and catch on a 5mm punch.  This result in 3 tiny roach.... gutted so onto the worm, where I was lucky enough to get one bite on the worm down the track, which resulted in a 6oz perch (I thought they were all 2lb??!!) and that was my only bite.

Unfortunately now I was going to play the numbers game and catch anything that swims on a squatt or pinkie on the 3/4 quarter line.  100 tiny fish went about 2lb and had one 6oz skimmer out of the blue....  Frustrating as I don't know how I could of caught much more from this peg.  The last forty mintues of the match I tried again to catch a big fish, which didn't happen.

Gear used.

Colmic Airon F66
Senna float 4 x 10 / 4 x 12 / 4 x 14
0.105 X-5000 mainline and 0.064 Stream
24 B2000


Chop rigs.   0.145 to 0.115 18 N600.

Fish are tiny.... this was biggest fish 

Lack of feature, lack of bonus fish

Liquidised bread with Impressive Mix

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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Alders Farm

Peg 8 Pines
3rd overall
13 fished

Haven't been to Alders Farm Fishery for ages and normally when I fish it, I'm on Pines (one of my favourite lakes in the country) and today we were on Ash Pool.  Was lucky enough to draw a decent peg, an end peg too.  Ain't had one for a while....

For me it was an all out on a pellet approach in open water and maggots down the edge.  Simple.

Started short at 6 meters and had 4 carp.  Then a very slow 1 hour,  caught nothing at 13 meters and unfortunately nothing on pellet feeder or method.  In this time I had been pinging 13 meter line, which was light switch.  This transformed my peg and even caught four carp shallow.  Nice day.   What a venue.

Gear used;

Colmic Airon F66 Pole
4x12 float
0.152 Spider Line and 0.125 Stream hook length
2.1mm Colmic Hollow Elastic.

Go and see Colmic Airon F66 at Alders Farm

I'm a great fan of 4mm lasso pellet

EC300 - fantastic top kit.

EFG150 with black dye.... awesome winter mix

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