Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Thoughts of 2012

The highlight’s of this year is me fishing for Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths (used to Be Drennan Oxford) and winning Turner 400 and winning our Angling Trust winter league.  Also been lucky enough to get individual sponsorship through Colmic and Vespe still support me. 

Winning the Turner 400 again was a good feeling.  (Jeff, Martin, Tom, Tom and myself)

I decided to leave Gordon League and move back to my old team and fish the Oxford Angling Trust Winter League again, which is some great venues and I have been lucky enough to have some good matches there over the years, however the Bristish weather soon put a stop to this.  All our river matches saw us fishing flooded rivers, and therefore the weights were down, don’t get me wrong there was still some decent weights to be had, but they weren’t as good as normal, a lot of anglers including myself struggled, but the beauty of team fishing is that you not fishing for yourself and therefore motivates you to continue as you don’t want to let anybody down.  Then we had the Kennet and Avon canal at Marlbourogh and Avington, which is again great fishing, but with a lock getting repaired meant we had no boats and the canal became very clear and fished rock hard, the hardest i’ve EVER seen the canal fish and I have been fishing it for 20 years!  One of the matches I had 18 roach for 3.5ozs, they were the tiniest roach that I have caught!  The last round saw me catch to late perch for win my section with another 3.5oz’s!!  The winter league for me was disappointing, was individually second on one of the canal rounds.  Not sure what the future holds for the Oxford winter league, will be interesting to see what happens in 2013.

Avington was super hard, but was lucky enough to draw an end peg and had a good days fishing
 Came 2nd overall and the team won the round which was more important.

Anyway starting at the beginning of the year, I went onto winning “Dents Canal League”, which was good, but some tough fishing again thanks to the English weather.  I do enjoy fishing Kennet and Avon canal.  Me and Avington do seem to get on most of the time..........

"Dents" canal league saw us fishing in VERY cold conditions
Avington, a great part of the canal

Bubbles with a good net of fish on a difficult day.

Martin Kirk came 2nd overall on the Oxford Canal in one of the rounds of Dents League
Micky Ellyatt came 2nd in Dents league, but had this cracking net of fish in the last round.

The Angling Trust Semi Finals were on the Gloucester Canal with my old team Daiwa Gordon League, which proved to be very difficult and despite my efforts I didn’t feel very confident.  I really struggled to catch and it was a tough nut to crack.  And after the practice match as Sims I said to Mark Tresure (our team captain) that I didn’t want fish as I felt that I wasn’t at the standard of the other team members.  The team done well and came second overall on the day behind the Starlets, which was a good effort.

Steve Long giving me a lesson on the Gloucester Canal



I fished a few Fish O’s which didn’t go to plan along with Maver Match This, which again didn’t go to plan, however 2013 is a year new and will hopefully have a bit more luck with the draw bag.  I also got through to Angling Times County Champs final at Heronbrook, which was again a letdown for me and our small team.  Doesn't look like there is going to be a county champs in 2013, I hope there is going to be.

Tunnel Barn a great venue, will have to go there more in 2013
Alders Farm proved to be solid with fish and we had some good matches there.  I enjoyed the pairs match with my mate Jon Walker and we were unlucky not to win, and therefore will be looking to do well in 2013.

Alders Farm proved to offer anything..... Jon Walker with another huge carp!

Still can't catch a 20lber!
Burgess with a stunning Ghost Carp at Solhampton.  We had some very enjoyable on the Sunday evening matches.

Rolfs tested my new Colmic Airon poles............... pulling fish away from snags a real test of strength

Whiteacres was great fun, had a real laugh despite having gout.

Our first open saw me win a 40 pegger at Gwinear

I hope Swindon on Tour 2013 is going to be as good as the last couple of years!

Me and Mick Lane won the random pairs

Still a lot to learn about carp fishing.

Paul Glenfield had an awesome winter league and proved his class on river and canals.

Spent a lot of time at Manor Farm Leisure this winter and the fishing has been very good.
Mark Malin joins the Colmic

Mark's had a great year, he won many matches inculding the Rolfs festival and won the Thames Championship.
Neil Richards, good friend, had a good year Winning the Manor Festival and Ireland festival as well!
Rolfs Lake was tough venue this year, but had some great days fishing, one match I had 294lb and equally I caught some good skimmer bags and broke my own silver fish record and I will be looking to do the magic ton of bream in 2013.
I had 77lb 8oz of skimmer bream and had just over 100lb of carp for a total 184lb 8oz. One of the best days if not the best days fishing in 2012.
I was 5th overall in festival, I blow out on the last day.  Another great festival, the fishing can be tough, but the company is very good, as always fished in good spirits.  I fish a lot of venues and Rolfs Lake is one of the best venues I know where there is some many large carp, never caught a 20lber, but will try, plenty in there!!!
 Phil loves carp...........honest

Not sure what Mark Malin was doing, but he won the Rolf's festival.

The carp are stunning at Rolfs Lake

These commons test your gear to the maxium, so ensure when you fish Rolfs lake ensure your gear is up to the job.


Some great big perch in the lake too!

To Do List for 2013
  • To win Rolfs Easter Festival
  • Catch 100lb plus silvers from Rolfs
  • A frame place at Solhampton Festival
  • A frame place at Manor Farm Leisure Festival
  • To beat Del at Alders Farm
  • Win the pairs matches at Alders Farm
  • Catch 400lb in five hour match
  • Team to win Turner 400
  • To get into the Fish O Mania final
  • Team to win the Thames Champs
  • To catch a 20lb plus carp on the pole.
  • For us (Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths) to win the Angling Trust semi finals (whereever they are).
  • Enjoy fishing
Happy new to everyone and see you on the fishing bank!
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