Saturday, 12 October 2013

Ridgeway Classic Final 2013

  • Peg 15 Blues
  • 83lb
  • Section Win
  • 8th overall
  • 30 fished
I had not quite recovered from my gout, but was going to stomach today's final. I was gutted that I did not fish last weekend at Medley and also I will to miss the first Angling Trust Winter league tomorrow (good luck boys) as I am behind with my work load, had to make a choice, the Ridgeway Final or winter league.  To be fair, I wouldn't expect to get picked for the team especially as I never even practiced!!  I wouldn't be able to make the walk on Medley especially the amount of gear that I carry............
Today's final saw 30 match anglers fish and with 8 end peg blockers to make the Ridgeway Classic 2013 final a fairer fishing match.  I drew peg 15 Blues which wasn't the best of draws.  I had a chat with venue expert and good friend Frank Donachie ("big frank"), and he advised me this is where he was in last years event and struggled.  Also last weeks match ws very tough on Blues and a lot of people did struggle for bites.   The other issue is everything is on the change, and I haven't fished it for a couple of weeks, and therfore would be out of touch.

The issue with Ridgeway is the carp tend to feed early and late, and very odd fish in-between, therefore decided to catch anything that swims in the middle of the match.  However this didn't go to plan, I caught a few fish early at 17 meters and then waited long periods bewteen bites, and to be honest it got harder as the match went on.  I had 2 carp and lost one down the edge and that was only joy down the edge, unreal, primed it all day for very little in return.  Caught nothing in open water, not a single bite.  It was a tough day.

Gear used at 17.5 meters (Colmic Airon F55 Pole)

Red Vespe Bi Core Elastic (2.6mm)

0.205 X5000 to 0.185 Colmic Stream (don't see the point in hooking and loosing fish)

0.1 Colmic Carp 1 to a 16 Drennan Carp Match hook

Down the Edge

Red Vespe Bi Core

0.185 Colmic X5000 to 0.145 Colmic Stream

0.3 Colmic Carp 1 to a 16 Colmic 501 hook.

Open Water

Green Vespe Bi Core

0.185 Colmic X5000 to 0.125 Colmic Stream

0.4 Jon Walker Pellet to a 18 Gama LS-1150 hook.

Ryan Shipp won today with 174lb and won a cool £430!!

Mick Lane had 167lb

The Top 5:
  1. Ryan Shipp 174lb
  2. Mick Lane 167lb
  3. Chris Davis 160lb
  4. BIG Frank 115lb
  5. Carl Mulford 104lb

Chris Cameron won his section on Whites

Big Frank was 4th overall

Found it tough going today..... 15 carp for 83lb

Special thanks to: Martin Iles and Big Frank for running the matches.

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