Sunday, 19 October 2014

Oxford Winter League - Round 2

C3 (medley)
180 Gudgeon
4 perch
1 roach
6lb 1oz
3rd in section.
Team Won

It the head quarters (Green Road) we thought I could be on Sandy Point, which can be a great area for roach. After trying to find the pegs, it turned out that I was about 40 yards away.

Pete Scott have me some sound advice, as always.

I hoped the match fished as hard as the rumours, as bank walkers and phone calls stressed that the river wasn't fishing as well as we ALL had hoped for.

My gudgeon were too small and didn't catch them quick enough. I should of feed the bolo for longer, as Paul said the last hour was good for roach, whereas I gave up with my new Colmic Fiume XXT 180 meter bolo rod. As there was millions of gudgeon over the river, even up in the water! Solid with the little beauties.  However, I was short sighted, and got preoccupied and hoped to catch something better but having quick looks on chop and feeding maggots 20 meters out.  Lost a 1lbish skimmer, which wouldn't of made a huge difference and I lost it anyway as it turned the maggot over. 

Fish were tiny, but was solid with them



4 perch.... too small

Got battered both sides.
Paul Glenfield won section with 9lb of roach!!!


Should of fished the bolo longer in the last hour. Roach switched on in last hour.  I caught 3 gudgeon and a dace and chucked it up the bank
Shouldn't of balled it.
Should of whipped it.
Should of chopped it more.

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