Thursday, 12 May 2016

Manor Farm Leisure - Spring Festival

The manor farm leisure May festival is great festival on a great venue.   I sadly missed it last years, so was gagging to get there!

Manor Farm Leisure has been fishing a lot harder than normal.  The weather and time of year, the fish was up and down.  One minute 20oc, then raining and down to 12of.  Not ideal.

Sundays open saw me draw peg 13 Ash and won section.  Learnt a few things and caught 15let down the edge late!!


Peg 14 Ash Pool
9 points

I'm not one to moan and make accuses or wheel spin out of the car park..... I got beat by Steve Partington on worms.  I couldn't make it work, and felt lost throughout most of the match, as I could only catch small skimmers.  All the things I learnt yesterday back fired and got battered by Steve.  Well done to him.


Peg 15 Windmill pool
Won section
Won lake
1 point

Good draw for me, as I have a brilliant strong pole.  The method for me was always going to be "tapping" or the "mong".  A boring method if I'm honest, but it is devastating when it works, it works!!  And today sure enough it worked, but to the extreme, as even Colmic's 2.5mm hollow wasn't powerful enough, so went to A solid 25 elastic.  Hash gear, but I don't wanna get broke up all the time.  So went for it, and still managed to get snagged and pulled a snag out with a 8lb ghost carp attached.  19 meters in the air pulling a carp out of a reed bed is extreme, wish I had my camera.   Airon F44 pole all in one piece.

(highest weight off the peg all week, by a long way)


Peg 16 Island pool
Won section
2nd on lake
2 points

Needed to win, but fordy had impressive 190lb next to me on peg 18.  I couldn't catch.  Maybe fed too much and spent to long on pellet feeder and method feeder.....  Got battered again by Fordy on peg 18.

3 days of fishing and two batterings.


Peg 17 Windmill
2nd section
3rd on lake
3 point

After having a fourth job been a tree surgeon for 45 minutes.  I got myself a margin to peg 16.  Gout and a saw wasn't a good combo!!! I knew this match was going to be a real struggle.  I caught down the edge, never had a bite anywhere else in the swim.  Unreal.   I was really pleased to catch this weight off this peg.  However, was gutted to loose the 6 peg pay out by 6lb off peg 4.  One thing for sure, carp follow this warm wind!!!


Peg 4 Windmill
Won section 
Won lake
1 point

I was well chuffed to draw this peg, as this was my second choice of pegs on the whole of venue.  I was going to hopefully win the section off this peg.  Planned to fish shallow long, 5 meters on pellets and maggots down the edge.

Cut a long story very short, I caught down the edge after 20 mins and didn't really look back.  Caught big fish half depth down the edge on maggots.  My 31 carp and 3 F1's went 313lb!!!  I chucked back about 5 to 7lb back of silvers and small F1's, as I only carried three nets.

It was unreal how big the fish were and they were all big Mirrors, that faught really hard, going crazy as they haven't been caught years..... I feel that hard fished waters like Island or Middle, them big carp know that they will be realised after been caught and only spend a couple of hours in a keepnet, but these fish are pole breakers, as a few poles were broken in the festival.  I am lucky to have products that I have total confidence in and products that never break on me, despite extreme pressure. 

Colmic Mikes are prefect baggin floats

Thanks to Dave, Arthur, Steve, Liam, Biffer, Chris, etc for weighing and running the matches.  

Also like to thank Chris from Evesham Discount Tackle for sorting my bait.  It was awesome.

Finally to Colmic, that Colmic Airon F44 is unreal!!! 19 meters and 0.25 to 0.22 hook lengths and catching a  20lb 8oz carp that went crazy and the peg is full of snags!!!  So had to pull loads and I do mean pull!!!  F1 spider line never let me down under extreme pressure.  Without these products there is no way I could of managed day 2 and day 5.



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