Sunday, 19 June 2016

Ivy House Lakes

Peg 17
1st place
18 fished

This was always going to be a tough match, but as always I would say Ivy House Lakes is a fairer than most venues that I fish.  For me, I believe fishing light is important, but gear need to be reliable.  As you don't want your gear letting you down on an important fish.... weights are always tight.

In my previous post last weekend I felt I hadn't sort out my pellet fishing, and would you believe I've won both matches this weekend with pellet ( not bad for a "worm head"). And yes Martyn Howard, I used a float.  All I have found is that fish are taking the bait on the drop, regardless of depth.  "Mugging" fish is almost impossible.  I can't do it, along with a load of top anglers that are far better pellet anglers than me!  So I've found that lifting and dropping is the key and light floats.

Colmic Mike are great vertical floats that don't break and very stable with proper glass steams (not cheap sh£t), hollow bristle that can be seen in difficult light.


Colmic Airon F44 Pole.

Pellet Rig

2.1mm Colmic hollow
0.1 float
0.152 spider line
0.125 stream
Drennan Match 20

Worm Rig

1.5mm Colmic Hollow (best elastic I've ever used!)
0.4 Jon Walker 
0.152 Colmic Spider Line
0.10 stream
20 Colmic WN501

I had 6 carp for 49lb and 16lb of skimmers and a 2lb 10oz perch!!!

Lesson learnt, my worm paste isn't right, Alan Oram gave me a whopping off the next peg on Silvers.  Groundbait mix is definitely better.  Well done to Jamie winning Silvers, using groundbait method too!!

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