Saturday, 16 September 2017

Monday, 11 September 2017

Whiteacres - Swindon go on Tour 2017

Day One
Peg 53
No good.
22 fished

I had a brilliant first hour, caught 9 carp and then it just died.  The peg never came back.  Really strange.



Day Two
17lb 12oz
Peg 10 canal
Won section.
Think I won lake
90 odd fished

As we all were hoping a draw on Twin Oaks, I had to settle for a draw on canal.  Peg 10 too... not good.  But hey I'm on holiday and try and make best of a bad situation, and there was three sections paying  £50.  So therefore, something worth fishing for.

I knew Canal was going to be tough. So decided to fish a negative pellet match.   Which was the right decision, but only caught in the first 45 mintues and the last 30 mintues.   Most of the match was unbelievably tough, couldn't even catch on casters shallow or on deck.  So gave up on that.

Was pleased to win my section with 17lb.

Most of the weights from Canal.   I was second on the lake.  

Day Three
Peg 3 Mawgan Porth
4th overall
Won section by default

Shame, caught well, but carp with getting spooked.  Caught in three spells.

Day four
Peg 25
No good.

Always take the rough with smooth and today you wanted to be in that rough water and I was in smooth and struggled to catch.  Had a few on the pellet feeder.

Day Five
The best draw in rover I've ever had, peg 5.
Peg 13 Twin Oaks
Messed it up
6th overall

I've been going to Whiteacres for 6 years, and this lowest I've ever been in the Rover!!! I was due a "bung hole".  So I wanted to get to peg 16 Twin Oaks, or as close as possible.  So had to settle for peg 13.  Peg 18 was in, but corner pegs are risky, so played it safe?

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Heronbrook Fisheries

Peg 22 canal
Won section
90 anglers fished

Heronbrook today on the MAM  (match anglers matches).

Drew peg 22 on canal.  Fished mircos and pellets for first part of the match.  Caught small F1s and odd carp.. Middle part of match I fished caster and caught some chub and Barbel.   Last 2 hours focus down the edge with maggots over EFG151, caught a couple of carp and some stunning F1's

A couple of 200lb's weights, what a venue.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Heronbrook Fisheries

Peg 18 canal
213lb 8oz
1st place
23 fished

With the MAM final fast approaching I thought better get up there...  I do like Heronbrook as it can be aggressive venue, whereby you can give it some bait.

The locals always say you wanna drew "ends and bends" and today I've been lucky enough to draw an end peg on Canal.  On arrival to my peg, I had a nice reed bed to far bank and shallow edgeto my left, which was reasonably flat and really fancied it for a few.

Gear used:

Colmic Airon F66
0.1 gram Sky float
0.168 Colmic Spider Line
16 WN501
2.5mm Colmic Hollow.


3 pints of Red maggot.
2 pints of mirco
2 bags of Marukyu EFG151

Monday, 28 August 2017

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Edge Fishing

Fishing down the Edge

Fishing down the edge has been a life saver for me on the last couple of matches.  It's great as you normally, not always, tend to catch a lot bigger fish. 

I was lucky enough to catch some decent fish on my Dad's Memorial match at Bourton. 

Ive done a couple of basic videos below on margin fishing.

Small video at Alders Farm Fishery 

Liam Dennick talks through his margin rig at Manor Farm Leisure.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

British Pole champs

Peg 66
Got battered

A long drive to Hayfield Lakes, especially after another long day yesterday on Div 1 National yesterday.  Only applied for two Maver Match This tickets this year and drew a flyer at the Glede, peg 79, felt the peg was worth more and should be in the final.  Never mind, will have a go next year chasing rainbows. 

Today's match saw me draw peg 66, which looked like to could to tough.  As five pegs were all in a line.  So maybe up against it in a good area?  

I struggled from start to finish, and got a sore neck as they were all catching to my left..... enough said.

Division One National

1kg 70 grams
22nd out of 49
Team was 8th overall

This years National was the Shropshire Union canal, as I decided to fish a few more natural venues, I thought this would a good venue to go to and it's not too fair away.

I feel I peaked too earlier on the practice matches as I won my section first visit and unfortunately it went down hill from there, as my other two practice matches were a little rough, lack of bites and no lucky bonus fish, depsite giving it a proper go... I learnt a few things on the way

Chop Worm

This was like a lot of venues I fish.  First hit (feeding) is normally always your most productive.  Topping up normally becomes weaker.  No issue with this.
However, rigs were so wrong, soon realised that 1 gram rigs are better, fished over depth with PROPER lines and hooks.  Eels were big and a few landed and more lost.    Bait droppers also important.  Potting weren't a good idea.  One thing I'd like to say, I never hooked or got an eel.  But speaking to locals (very helpful), you can see this was right. 

Colmic Stream floats  (1 gram)


Know I wrote this off, as I felt the canal was too coloured and too many boats.  Again I was wrong, and this potentially cost me my section on the Individual national, as the guy next to me on the Individual National caught more roach than the whole section put together.  But he caught them against the far bank,  so got caught out?  However, come today, I had two gudgeon on it and only managed managed a couple of roach on squatt..... also either side never caught many roach.  Shaun Townsend fished bread down middle of canal on today's match and never had a bite.  Thanks for three punch, despite never having a bite on it.

Double leam mix

Targeting gudgeon at 2 meters with the hardest balls of leam with a few dead pinkies was a good through away line and good for a couple of fish and good way to rest lines and hopefully put some fish in the net.  49 people in the section, grams to count.  I got done by 10 grams and another 100 grams would of gave me 5 more points.  Massive across a team of ten.....

Squatt line

For me, normally find two of water and that is your squatt line for roach.  

You are able to see the results for the National below...

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Alvechurch Fisheries

Peg 36
14 fished
I do always look forward to fishing Alvechurch, especially the Horseshoe lake

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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Maver Match This

Peg 79
3rd overall
109 fished?

This is my second visit to the Glede, last time I fished the Glede was years ago on a MFS match.  So my knowledge of the venue is very limited.  Some it was going to be a pellet match for me and maggots down the edge..... simple.

The event for the Maver Match This was a sell out, as always, so ensured I got my ticket early.  Drew peg 79, lake 5 and Andy Kinder said it was a good draw.  So happy days and on arrival peg 78 was empty, so was chuffed to have an empty peg, so was happy with that.

Started on cage feeder and caught two early carp and then dropped on the pole line short and had a steady run of small carp and then this faded and spent too long waiting for bites and pulled out of three carp in a row?!  Went on long pole and caught steady on lasso 6mm pellets.  Edge was poor, was too bright, only managed 4 carp down the edge and pulled out of one.  Wish I stayed on the past line at 5 meters.  Funny bites on paste.

Disappointed not to do better, but third overall was still quite good. I wish I could have another go at it again.  Peg was worth 200lb.

Gear used

Colmic Airon F66 pole

Pellet Rig
0.2 gram float Jon Walker
0.20 Colmic Spider
0.165 Colmic Stream

Paste Rig
0.3 gram float.  Jon Walker
0.209 Colmic Spider straight through

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Shropshire Union Canal

Peg 123
1kg 310 grams
Third in section (10 pegs)
160 plus fished today

On the Individual National today, good practice session for the team event the following week.  However, lobs worms is my key bait today, as I'm fishing to win.

Unfortunately my float only went under once. 1 perch.

Don't want to go into detail about my match.  As I don't wanna give anything away.  Will do a decent write up in a weeks time.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Mick Telling Memorial Final

Peg 9
12 fished

Me and my Mum
Obviously been my dads match it means a lot to me, as you can imagine.  Years ago, when I was a boy I used to fish it with my family and then for my Uncles memorial match too (uncle john, had to be "uncle John").    So I had so back ground knowledge was good, but haven't fished it for years so was unsure how it was fishing.  Laurie Lang was help to us, as he run matches (opens) prior to the event, so people could practice if they wanted to.  Unfortunately for me, just couldn't get the time off with two jobs!!!! So I was going in blind.

For me, I was going to be very narrow minded, as I was told that Rudd were a problem, so I was going to fish paste short and maybe long (10 meters) and maggots and mircos down the edge.  I brought a gallon of reds to unsure I wasn't under gunned.....

My second best mate (Frank Donachie) was watching me and the paste presentation was a nightmare, couldn't present it right and was concerned I was missing out on the early "mug" fish.  To cut a long story short, I switched to maggots over depth and feed mircos and maggots long and this helped me no end, then the wind dead down and then fish hard pellet and caught steady after a rally poor 1.5 hours!!

Big potting down the edge was awful, and toss potted maggots and mircos and waited for bites, this was SO MUCH better, so fed next to nothing.  Basically it was a match where the less I feed the more I caught.

Was very pleased and relieved to win the match, as it was tough and got me thinking and I pulled it back from 5.30, and caught some decent fish down the edge which help me pin Jamie.  So I only best Jamie by 14lb, which was only two fish.  So close match.

Congratulations to all finalist for getting here.

Many thanks to D&J sports for donating the trophies and thank you to Colmic for donating the rod and clothing.

1. Chris Telling 113lb 2oz
2. Jamie Read 98lb 15oz
3. Gary Donachie 79lb 14oz
4. Nathan Reeves 72lb
5. John Williams 65lb 7oz
6. Martin Price 64lb 4oz
7. Martyn Howard 60lb 9oz
8. Daddy price 53lb 1oz
9. Stephen Partington 52lb 2oz
10. Jeremy Benson 50lb 10oz
11. Martin Wickens 49lb 8oz
12. Andy Burns 41lb 8oz

Just qualifier will be end of June 2018 (last weekend) at Marlborough canal.

Jamie Read
Gary Donachie

Mick Telling Finalists 2017

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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Paste Fishing

Paste Fishing

Paste fishing is a method that I used to do for years and I did get a little too carried away with it!  I hate to admit it, but Rolfs and Wickwater did spoil me, and I must of ruined some many pegs by fishing paste when it wasn’t right.... don’t get me wrong I had some success, but fishing paste in October wasn’t the best idea

There seems to be a stigma with paste fishing from some anglers, as I found anglers were criticising me and that “paste angler is a lazy pellet angler and has no skill”.  Believe me there is, 18 years later and 18 years wiser,  I know there is.  Like any method, feeding is important,  rigs are normally simple (don’t own any complex rigs, and I have loads in my box from river, canal etc), strong lines and bigger hooks.  Presentation is crucial, for me the wetter the better, especially when fishing paste short.  Must be cupped in and normally like it to “cock” the float, but I do have shot on my line to help with stability and seeing bites.  Rig wise, I like strong durable floats and I only use a Jon Walker floats, 0.2 gram and I shot it to the base of the float bristle and then the best takes the rest down.  This works well to 6 meters or less.  Anything longer becomes very difficult, so I use correctly “cocked” float and fish paste 2 inches over depth.

Secret dips and colours isn’t my thing.  I’ve got no secrets, the only thing i put with my paste where allowed is I add some Mircale Baits paste or Baittech paste to stiffen it up (they are very similar).  Looking forward to using the Marukyu paste, haven’t used it yet.  The Betaine green is a new product and apparently is very good.  So look forward using it.   

Don't take long to do a weight.  Never give up

Ivy House Lakes

In my recent  times, I’ve won my last two matches at Ivy House Lakes on it.  Ive had 111lb and 116lb, which had 51lb skimmers and 36lb skimmers all on £4 worth of bait.  I found feeding a bit of corn at 5 meters is good shout, and seems to hold better stamp of fish despite out using it on the hook.   Haven’t quite figured out the best long, as I am suffered with too many foul hooked carp, like a lot of anglers are suffering.... I will figure it out hopefully.
Dipping your paste into your micros is a good shout.


The best bit of advised i’d give you with paste fishing is to fish it your way.  You ask ten anglers how to fish paste and you get loads of difficult answers.   My paste record was pretty good, won a lot of matches at Wickwater, Rolfs and Ivy House, which included a 394lb in five hour match.   

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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Ivy house lakes

Peg 4
Won match
16 fished

Colmic Secol fantastic line. 

Wise fish....

Grainy paste is great method.  Dip your smooth paste in the micros

Saturday, 22 July 2017


Peg 35
161lb 12oz
1st place
16 fished

Very lucky with the drawing arm.  However, it was very tightly pegged out end, with 36, 35, 34 and 32 in.  Gosh quite a lot of pressure on the corner.  But hey, it's full of fish.  So happy days

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Ivy House Lakes

  • Peg 17
  • 111lb
  • won match
  • 2nd in Silvers
A few lumps on paste.

Gary Donachie won Silvers with 59lb

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Saturday, 15 July 2017


Colmic Canal

Peg 19
116lb 9oz
1st place
16 fished

The joy of Colmic Canal, at Alvechurch Fishery is you don't mind here you draw.  Don't get me wrong, there are better areas, like any venue, but as venues go it is incredibly fair.  I've used a lot of venues in my time and the Colmic Canal is the fairest.

My attack is quite simple.  Pellets long, feeding fishery micro pellets, with a few 4mms and fish a big 6mm fishery pellet on the hook only.  Rig wise, big rigs, positive lines, bulk down.  0.5 gram rigs, bulk 4 inches away from hook.  0.18 and 0.16 Hook length to 18 Drennan Carp Match hook.

Then feed caster on one line down the edge, can only do one, as the allowance is only 3 pints.  Your hopefully need that.  I fish mega positive on this rig.  I fish 0.18 main line and 0.15 hook lengths.  The reason, is your fishing against reeds, no room for weak gear or brittle lines.  I use the Colmic blue 2.3mm hollow, need to be careful with the ide, otherwise your bump them, but the barbel, wow.  They pull a bit.  I fish 16 Colmic WN501 hook and a worms head.

The match was frustrating as the wind was hard to present the pellet long and only managed couple of quick carp, felt it was a little unproductive, as I felt I could catch Ide and Barbel quicker, so done that.  Fished 3 meters and caught Ide and Barbel one a chuck.  Really nice, to catch over 100lb of silvers and managed 6 carp long late.  Good day and lucky to win match by 3oz.

All weights below

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Friday, 14 July 2017

Alders Farm Fishery

Peg 25
17 fished
3rd section
4th overall

Not the best of draws to be honset. It's so shallow, and you haven't got much of an edge.  BUT the wind was sort in favour.

Caught well late thankfully.  But it was frustrating as the carp was spooking too easily in 8 inches of water.